Hiking Equipment Decisions

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A lot of people spend more time researching and buying equipment than they spend hiking. I learned this at my Appalachian Trail Institute workshop and want to avoid it. So I took notes and ultimately have decided to buy what other hikers before me have suggested.

I am spending approximately $1000 that includes:

A ULA backpack

A Thermarest sleeping pad

A Sawyer water filter

A sleeping quilt

A Big Agnes tent

A pair of boots

I am currently testing my pack weight with a 5 day supply of food and water.  Looks to be under 30 pounds which is good.  The goal should be less than 25% of your body weight.

My husband has clearly communicated both his support of my hiking and his lack of interest in joining me. He has multiple stories of being a good dad and spending time with our sons while hiking and camping in less than ideal conditions.  Each time I hear him tell the stories, you can feel the suffering reemerge.

I agree for the time being that his support will be in the form of occasionally meeting me at a hotel or hostel in a trail town.  He’s already begun to refer to these meet ups as conjugal visits.  I am hoping that hiking doesn’t feel like prison but I am the first to admit that I don’t know what I am getting into.

My next goal is to set a date for a weekend hike of around 20 miles.  I am going to do this in March right before my sabbatical begins.

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