Grade Your Life

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What grade would you give your life right now?

Ask yourself if you are content with that grade.

If you are content, good for you! You can stop reading this.

If you feel that you are often not reaching your potential, read on.

Taking a few minutes to look at and evaluate our lives can be a game changer. A simple tool to give you a quick visual is called a life wheel. Here’s what we use at Edge Coaching that you’re welcome to use: LIFE WHEEL

By looking at your life and assessing the areas where you are succeeding and the areas where you are not will help you be more intentional and consequently more successful.

Interested in how this assessment can improve your life?

Here’s 4 steps to help you become better:

Step 1: Take 5 minutes to fill in each area with a grade: Personal Assessment Handout

Step 2: Look at how you graded each area of your life. What do you notice?

Step 3: Pick a single area you would like to improve. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to increase this area one letter grade?”

Step 4: Do it.

Self-improvement doesn’t need to be complicated.

What is needed most is increased awareness, a few new tools and the intention to get better.

It’s that basic.

Only you can make your life better. Are you ready for the challenge?

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