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Michelle is taking a sabbatical in 2017 to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail. She will be out of the office from April through September and is not accepting new clients during this time. To schedule coaching, staff development or a speaking engagement for fall 2017, please email us on our contact page.

Welcome to Edge Coaching


I talk a lot about autopilot.

This concept can apply to both individuals and companies. It refers to going through life without an intentional direction. It might not seem like a big thing but I assure you, it’s huge.

At Edge Coaching, we specialize in helping both individuals and companies turn off auto pilot. We teach them how to live life consciously and how to tap their potential.

When we increase awareness and provide needed tools, clients start effectively solving their own problems. This is our ultimate goal.

How rusty are the tools in your tool box?

If you could use some better ones, feel free to give us a call or check out our free and continually growing resources.

We challenge and dare you to make the world a better place by taking the time to self-improve.


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Why Edge Coaching?

Edge Coaching gets that highly successful individuals often want to do it on their own. And the majority of the time, you are correct in this line of thinking. But occasionally, you need outside objectivity and new knowledge for growth.

Edge Coaching has done the research and training for you. It saves you time and energy by bringing you the latest tools and techniques in the field of self-improvement.

From research based findings in neuroscience to cutting edge applications in emotional awareness, we share with clients what we have learned. Then we ask clients to do their own experiments and confirm what works.

Life is not meant to be stagnant or average. Edge Coaching was created to help innovative individuals be successful in achieving their dreams.

This is what we do. This is Edge Coaching.

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Self-help Videos

Life throws us curve balls. Which is why more and more individuals are recognizing the value of self-improvement. Increasing your awareness and providing tools to help you succeed is the heart of Edge Coaching. We are are in the process of creating some great self-help videos. Stay tuned.

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Coaching Services

Edge Coaching has a menu of services. Some services such as staff development and motivational speaking are designed to reach larger groups of individuals. While others, like executive coaching and intensives, are one-on-one options for working directly with Michelle Ellwanger.

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Do you want to become your personal best? Do you have the tools you need to thrive?

Executive coaching is about personal and professional development. It focuses on how to be conscious and intentional with your life. This results in clients seeing and creating positive outcomes.

Edge Coaching has a six month package that includes 25 hours of services.  Goals are discussed and timelines to achieve these goals are set at the beginning of the coaching process.

We offer a free consultation to discuss the executive coaching process.

Quality staff development is about energizing and educating your team to performing at their potential.

Our staff development is unique in its focus on self-awareness and personal accountability. Frequently overlooked and yet essential, we provide hands on techniques for cognitive, emotional and physical wellness.

At the end of all staff development, participants will leave with new tools in their toolboxes.

Need results sooner versus later?

3 Day Intensives involve multiple hours of one on one coaching with Michelle Ellwanger.

Much like a retreat but with professional input, clients spend time self-reflecting, increasing their awareness and then charting a future direction for their lives.

3 Day Intensives are subject to limited available. Call for pricing and more details.

Need a motivational speaker? Michelle Ellwanger has presented to groups ranging in size from 25-300+ attendees.

Audiences enjoy the original inspiring content that always includes teaching hands-on tools. These tools stick with participants long after the presentation ends.

Contact our office 3-4 months in advance to book Michelle for your next event.

Most of the time, you can handle a situation.  Occasionally, you could use some outside help.

At Edge Coaching, we provide custom consulting solutions to assist leaders when making important decisions.

From one time consulting to ongoing services, we provide the outside expertise you are looking for.

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Suggested Reading

Coming Fall 2017: Free coaching based articles, handouts and videos. Please check back to see what we are creating.
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Professional Excellence

We believe in professional excellence and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Below you will find professional organizations we belong to, certifications we hold and licensing boards we are active with.